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Rodanthi Guesthouse

Kastellos, a village already mentioned since the Venetian era, is located at Apokoronas region in Chania. It is built on the top of a rock forming a natural fortress. Our Guest House is situated there.

A rock building of 1929 used to be the home of our grandfathers, the home of a typical Cretan farmers’ family. It was restored with respect to the traditional architecture and was transformed to a guest house. The expertise and the talent of the architect Toula-Trimandili-Magkann, our love for this land, the moments we lived and cherished in this place, the memories and the emotional bonds with our grandfathers who had built this house with their own hands are instilled to the final result.
Objects from the past will travel you back in time. Tools and utensils (the plow, the old shovel, the old iron used for ironing, the manual sewing machine, the tube radio, the old house rails, the large jars of oil) are put there not only as decorative elements but as a reminiscence of the people who used to live there and their times…
The fabrics used for the decoration of the house (curtains, blankets, pillows, tablecloths) are family heirlooms made from local first materials. The thread they are made of was traditionally spun; they were weaved in the loom and date back about a hundred years.
The art of local painters depicted on the furniture, the marvelous traditional lighting fixtures, and the metal parts of the house built in the beginning of the last century will complete your journey.  The above objects are of special sentimental value to us and we decided to share them with you because it is our pleasure to offer and share.
The guest house is made up of four elegant rooms which seem to have jumped out of a fairy-tale. Their minimal luxury and uniqueness spread warmth and a feeling of intimacy.
Our goal is to make every guest feel as he or she visits his grand-parents’ house and experience the original Cretan hospitality, taste the traditional Cretan dishes and travel back to the old times.
The especially unique position of the guest house with the imposing view of the Cretan Sea, the massif of the White Mountains and the beautiful forest of the region with the arbutus and the acorns, the fantastic routes to the near villages, the near-by beautiful lake of Kournas, the springs and the mills of Argyroupolis, the beach of Kavros and Georgioupolis offer chances for many activities.
A great number of churches of historical and archeological interest will catch your eye in your strolls.
Enjoy the beautiful sunshine from the terrace of the guest house.

Enjoy the privacy of the pool. Enjoy the fragrance of the aromatic plants of the garden. Organize barbecue nights.

Choose one of the four rooms or even book all the twelve beds of the guest house along with your friends and gain from your stay an unforgettable experience. Our goal is to make this guest house not simply a place you once visited, but a place you will be always returning to.